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*NEW* 2018 Call for Proposals

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VISION:  Establish a collaborative and transformative program of research, development, deployment, and training in earth-abundant materials science, engineering, and advanced manufacturing to accelerate the development of next-generation clean energy and transportation technologies in Washington State toward the goal of achieving:

WA State Legislation – The JCDREAM Act

JCDREAM Operating Plan

Capital Seed Funds Disbursed:  

Call for Proposals

Awards – 2016-17 funding competition:

Equipment Institution, PI Total Cost Awarded from JCDREAM
JSM 7200 FLV SEM Western Wash. Univ, David Patrick $563K $200,000
Xradia Ultra Nano CT system Washington State Univ, Aurora Clark $1.8M $1M
Arcam SEBM AM System Univ. Wash, Ramulu Mamidala $1.2M $800,000

All equipment is available to academic, industry, and national laboratory researchers at standard charge rates.  Contact the PIs at each institution for details.

JCDREAM 1st Annual Symposium, Oct. 3-4, 2016: JCDREAM held its inaugural symposium and brought together researchers and policy makers in the area of “earth abundant materials” to discuss latest developments and trends as well as regional strategies in this area.  Washington State Representative Norma Smith welcomed the participants to the symposium and Dr. Alex King, Director of the Critical Materials Hub in Ames, IA was the keynote speaker.

JCDREAM Symposium Flyer

Symposium Schedule


Board Meetings:

JCDREAM Board Meeting Agenda 5.11.2017

JCDREAM Board Meeting Agenda 10.3.2016

JCDREAM Board Meeting Agenda 7.20.2016

JCDREAM Board Meeting Agenda 4 25 2016